About Lamia IT Consultancy

Lamia IT Consultancy is a one man company (in dutch eenmanszaak) based in Leiden, the Netherlands. As only employee I do IT consultancy on contract basis with the main focus on systems analysis, integration and development in the financial sector. I have worked for CMG (later LogicaCMG, recently Logica) as consultant for seven years before becoming a freelancer.

Apart from the consultancy work I design and maintain some websites, mainly in Drupal. For some examples see the links on the left. I am currently also developing test tools for financial systems in Java.

You can view my profile on this site.

Lamia IT has been registered since 01-02-2008 in the Netherlands with the Chamber of Commerce. You can click on the banner in the lower left to go directly to the entry.

If you want to contact me you may use the contact tab or go through LinkedIn.

Kind regards,

Marcel Vrolijk

My Profile

I am currently a self employed systems analyst and developer in a broad range of technologies.

My main area of expertise is in the financial and insurance industries. I have worked with investment applications like Factset, PerformaGlobal, Ullink, Horizon, Apama, and others.


I have worked in the IT sector for ten years since finishing University (M.Sc in Molecular Biology). I started in 2001 with CMG Finance as Cobol developer and later as technical project leader and incident coordinator. My last client through LogicaCMG was an investment company where I worked as systems analyst and developer from 2006. I created a proof of concept interface to a fixed income attribution system and participated in the project to roll out new performance measurement and attribution systems.

Since march 2008 I am self employed in my own company Lamia IT Consultancy. In that time I have worked as a freelancer at ING Financial markets on multi asset trading applications. I am currently working at the Aton Investment bank in Moscow on a DMA platform.


  • Sectors: Insurance, Financial markets and Performance measurement.
  • Good knowledge of multi asset trading and exchange connectivity. I am accustomed to working closely with the business.
  • Software Development, Testing, 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support, Application management, ITIL Service management, Infrastructure design, technical design and documentation.
  • Ullink, Tradesense, Wombat, Horizon, Apama, Factset, Performa Global, Excel.
  • MS SQL server, Oracle, mySQL, Hsqldb.
  • COBOL, C, C++, Java, Python, C#, Basic, Ksh, Bash, Windows scripting.
  • sed, awk, grep, other unix tools, regular expressions, etc.
  • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, SuSE, Red Hat), Windows, Mac OS X, Mainframe.
  • TCP/IP, multicast, DNS, routing, SSH, SFTP, FTP, Postfix mail.
  • Apache, Drupal CMS, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript.
  • Miscellaneous: XML, Subversion, Eclipse IDE, Netbeans (platform).
  • Market connectivity, FIX protocol, Swift, Market data.

Other interests

Graphical Design, Illustration, Photography, Investment.


You can contact me directly in the following ways:

  • e-mail me:
  • Call through skype pmvrolijk

Or preferably, contact me through my online profiles:

Lamia IT is registered in Leiden, the Netherlands under KvK Nr 27312087